...tomato cucumber summer salad...

tomato.honey.lemon zest.poppyseeds.grapeseed oil.cucmber.basil.yum
this is so easy to prepare.just cut up your tomatoes and cucumber..throw all dressing ingredients in your vita-mix{get one already!}..and you're done in seconds!

love.love.LOVE this salad. todd and i can't get enough.it's best in the middle of summer when we get to take bags and bags of tomatos.basil.cucumbers.onions.herbs.. home from sue's garden. we are so lucky to enjoy all this amazing produce.i have never 
been a real tomato or veggie fan.. but fresh from the garden 
is a completely different thing.lemons are juicier.basil is sweeter..
veggies are crispier.ahh.i love summer time in sue's garden.

ps. sue also taught me to take a fork and shave down the sides of a 
cucumber to make it look pretty...i couldn't quite get this down..so i use a zester..{the 4hole one.}i think its easier and faster...

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