...roasted butternut squash ravioli..w/ toasted hazelnut sage browned butter...

butternut squash.sage.parmesan.cinnamon.orange zest.yum-o
wow. holy cow. this is one serious pasta dish.
i totally cheated and bought won ton wrappers from the 99 ranch market.<---love that market. if you can get past the initial fish stench when first walkin in..its so worth it!
so instead of boiling the pasta..i've heard that you can fry your ravioli for a totally new take.
Byron..my inspiration, suggested crumbling amaretti cookies{or maybe biscotti} atop this wonderful dish..he just made one but with pumpkin and a toasted pine nut browned butter. bet that one was good too!
a little closer look into the butter sauce.i battered,then deep fried the sage leaves to give them really nice crunch. if anyone knows the french word for this method..i'd like to know!!thanks.
whats really inside..?only the best. i used my vita-mix to puree up my cooked butternut squash.so easy!
cinnamon.flat leaf parsley.parmesan.orange juice and zest..maybe some nutmeg..

warning:for only serious cooks to try @ home.
even i was a little overwhelmed with all the freakin steps of this meal.
roast the squash..peel and {vita-mix}.prepare filling mixture.prepare raviolis {this is where i took out an entire step!!} stuff.fry.prepare sauce.eat.ahh
i wanted to eat it when it came out @ step one!but let me tell you.it's worth the wait and who ever is waiting for this meal..is dang lucky.and better help with the 80 dishes used.enjoy!

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