..big hearty meatball subs..

fresh parmesan.parsley.ricotta.marinara.yum

super easy and a great make ahead meal. i usually half this recipe..but now i just freeze the extra balls before i put em in the oven..and look!..i have another meal in a week or two..great to cook up and throw in spaghetti!
if your bun is too bunny..well then..rip out the insides a bit..that way your meatballs stay in place when you eat it!

here's a shot of the army lineup.baking meatballs is so much smarter than trying to fry them. i don't use non-stick pans..so its not so fun to try and scrape them up..while trying to keep them in one peice.sorry about the heavenly uncooked meatballs. i told todd to get a shot of the making process..he thought it'd be fun. i think its weird. .

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