donut party...jealous?

here daaahling..let me feed you some donut holes..
why is chilled water so pretty? love. im going to start keeping
chilled water readily available for our spontaneous adventures.
plus bottled water is so...2005 come on the earth.
wha cuhla you liiiike
rainbow.chocolate choc chips.swedish sugar.non-perils
im pretty sure there is nothing better
then fresh+HOT donuts. recipe..HERE or HERE
start with a pumpkin batter..good news:no rising time on this one!
to save a giant flour fight..tho fun..i threw this in a pastry bag
which gave them a nice bakery texture look..
these pictured are actually donut holes from the remaining bits
fav fav concoction..since we had very vanilla and pumpkin batter to choose from..
pumpkin spice.lemon.chocolate.vanilla bean icings..
. . . . . .
pumpkin.pumpkin glacé.cinnamon-sugar shaker+thick chunky sugar crystals

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