ruffle garland!..and mmmMmmMacaroons..

sorry for the gazillion a little obsessed..
made with organic linen..candy striped canvas from ikea..and some really cheapo muslin..
only found at good ol walmart.{honestly the only thing i brave the store for..}

..ok and their Jasmin rice.thanks miss deider.

prepped+made the Christmas caroling garland last year with my BFF mary..
check out how hers turned out..super cute. i opted for the rustic twine..she did it with red+white bakers YARN.
just zigzag stitch thru the tops of your letters..

i dont have a ruffling i just pleated as i sewed..not too worried about
making it perfect cause i wAs watching modern garland right?
also seen here..@ the Christmas trunk show for TRUEBIRDS..
where i served these yummy macaroons+hotcocoa..

here's one of three macaroon recipes ive tried..these are a little more cakey
and only good the night you make em..

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