so i never post pics of my house cause i never think its 'ready' and we're always in the middle of projects..not a single room in my house is..well..done. and we've been here for threeeee+ years..what!?
so here less then perfect..
hipee/earthy/rustic/grandma/clean lines?/vintage!

lets start with the stair gallery..

todd built us these super clean frames..out of stacks of plywood sandwiched together
::photographs by my super artsy uncle..taken on my great grandparents farm in Kansas+a few in England+Rome{funfact:he works for an ad agency-writing the commercials-innout+and some fun others..he also came up with rutti.tutti.freshnfruity.breakfast for ihop.. fun job eh?}

family pics..blown up to ridiculous sizes..

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