FLASHBACK::beckham's 1st birthday!

what's a carnival without hot dogs.nachos.giant pickles.watermelon.corn or licorice?

homemade vanilla cakes and smooth hazelnut frosting
..with real crushed up hazelnuts!
jimmies and circus sprinkles of course.
thanks tira for making the #1 cookies!
such a hit.and gone in seconds!
so here are the games:we hung lines of twine from tree to tree
and draped different polk.a.dotted fabric for the backdrops for the games.
each had its own spot and corresponding sign.
go fish!

i put my brother in charge of attaching silly prizes
{parachute men.sparkly rings.glitter pencils.noise makers}
to the ends of the fishing poles
{made from twigs..twine..and clothespins}

here is beckham's attempt. wonder what he'll get!
he just wanted the clothespin.
ball toss bonanza!
we lined up 36 clear cups..filled all with water..only some had goldfish in them.
if you tossed your ball into a fish one...hooray! you win a fish!
thanks mike and skyler for taking the trip to get all 25 of these babies!!

{and not to mention..getting them all individually wrapped! ha.}
snow cone zone!
look how yummy. nice and refreshing on such a warm day!

so i'm a total fibber. the extension cord was just maybe 10 yards too short.
but at least the sign was cute..right!? yeah. we tried.face painting!

homemade circus animal crackers!
little giraffe.tigers.elephants.lions and even seals!
how fun is that! thank you williams-sonoma.
what will you think of next.

..homemade carmel corn..corn syrup+vanilla+butter+brown sugar.mMmm and a little baking soda.
thanks sky for helping me stay awake in the wee
hours of the morning to finish!

what's a circus without silly faces and clown noses!

hooray! look at me. i'm wearing my birthday crown
...and my birthday suit!

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