..it's spring! time for new fresh salads...

no more shredded carrot-tomato-ranch salads for dinner!
we had a little salad demo with a few close friends..
thanks elisa for being my assistant!

so much prep work! well....for 5 salads..
spinach-berry-poppy seed::BBQ chicken fiesta::
lemon arugula::raspberry orzo::chopped chicken{sammies}

we made all our own dressings and infused vinegars.

spinach.grilled chicken.craisins.orzo.feta.toasted pine nuts.raspberry vinaigrette.

butter lettuce.candied walnuts.apples.feta.raspberry vinaigrette
{ a little different then the one mentioned..spinach.
poppy-seed dressing..berries..candied almonds..}

arugula.thin red onions.parmesan shavings.freshly
cracked black pepper.lemon vinaigrette.yum.

fresh figs.goat cheese.baby spring mix.chopped pecans.
black pepper.pomegranate-balsamic vinaigrette.whoa.yum.

next up:: home made croutons.crustinis.and crackers.
{already bought my cold-pressed canola oil!}

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