..chopped chicken salad..

fresh tomatoes.sun-dried tomatoes.mozzarella.basil.chicken.lettuce.yum
can you believe it's that simple!ok..here's what makes it..the sneaky basil gives it an amazing bite.<--a must. you can't forget the basil. w/o it...it's just a basic garden salad. blah. one catch.can't help you in the dressing dept. just yet. my research team is working on the specifics and we'll have it figured out soon. meanwhile..sammy's carries it for $6.95

ok... two more things to consider..
pepperoni or chicken.....kalamata olives or sundried tomatoes.. or just throw in all of it! hey..if i wasn't cookin for my husband..i'd do it!
2 down..1 more to go.

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