..has changed mine. will change yours..

wow. the newest addition to our family.
the vita-mix 5200 need i say more..?
wow. it will change your life. i try and use it @least once a day.haven't missed one yet!
salsa.baby food.fancy slush drinks.ice cream! ..hot chocolate.soup.whipped cream.sorbet! ..peanut butter.fresh cut oats.brown rice flour..sauces.fruit purees.dressings.juice ..grinding flax,wheat and other seeds for {sneaky} cooking..
i'm hoping to press some wheat grass juice soon. i have it growing like nuts..if anyone knows where to get a decent press...love to know!

the hot chocolate..holy cow.. it's the best i've had by far.
it gets super frothy..but like a cappuccino.so yum.one time we threw in a candy cane..mmm. for the salsa..ive been experimenting with peppers.. but i usually stick to a basic yellow pepper..the one from the vita-mix book is dang good..i'll post it soon. and the baby food. well.you'll be hearing about that hopefully soon too.you can get YOUR vita-mix here.
really.what's stopping you.7 year warrranty + shipping
..life can't or shouldn't go on w/o one.

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