..oh what a dream..

see todd. martha says you can't possibly have enough cake stands.
my obsessions could be worse.i don't know what is about thesestands that get me so excited. i think maybe ienvision all the tasty treats i could be making to display on them..or use them for throwing fancy dinner parties..or just for serving breakfast in bed for my hubbie{who actually hates the idea of breakfast right when you wake up..weirdo.}..i'm in love with all styles.colors.shapes.heights..handmade.chinamade.whatever. it is my weakness. if any of you see a beautiful milk glass one..i am in search. we can make a deal.
i'll make you any treat you wish.delivered to you every sunday for a month. how about that!? any takers...ok really todd would die if i brought home another one..but if it was..gifted.. how can i turn it away. ..at the end of the day..its just a cake stand. right?

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