..braised pot roast..first ever!..

beef chuck roast.celery.carrots.rosemary.blue potatoes.cream.yum

wow.i need to do these..WAY more often. throw it in.wake up.run errands.come home.dinner magically appears.love it.
so i seared the meat with some onions..threw chicken stock{homemade from remnants of betsy} over it..and added some extra veggies..remember lots of salt! those potatoes soak up all the flavor.
whenever making a stew or soup or anything really...if the the flavor is too strong or salty throw in a potatoe or two.cut up of course..even if its not in the recipe..when your ready to eat..take em out. they'll soak up some flavor and calm it down.one of the amazing tricks todd has taught me.

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