Now..whatever you do.. dont forget the balsamic reduction
(not to be confused with chocolate syrup :)
and arugala salad a la mode
(that means on top ;)
arugala.lemon zest+juice.parmesan shavings.s+p.
thinnnnn ren onions.lite olive oil
this is about to get real.. no fancy photography.. just you+me+the iphone5

"green pizza" fresh pesto (no.there is no other way)
top with buffalo mozzarella+tomatoes 
cook then top with basil+the reduction
aren't these cute? oli+beckham made  their own for valentines day.. 
as you can see Oli's pepperonies didn't make it too far.
we like to cook these on the backs of cookie sheets..
as hot as your oven will go.. in our case 500.
if you only broil them on high.. 
you'll get beautiful tops but soggy soft bottoms..
here's a link to my fav fav dough recipe.. 
ps i only have it rise for the first 30min..then 
another 30 then top and cook till done! (watch em! they'e quick.)

BUBBLE PAINTING..with an almost 6 year old..

watercolor paper.bubbles.fool! wait for em to pop and ta dah!! 
i think we may turn this painting into martian land from another planet (with a sharpie) once it dries.


Here are a few ways to dress up those walls:
My sister Courtney Belcher STAPLE GUNNED fabric to her cute nursery
 Just matched up the prints and carefully folded back the frayed edge

Courtney couldn't help herself and did her girlfriends
nursery as well, she used liquid starch.
 Make sure you have a fresh+clean cut edge for the starch method. 
Can you believe it? i used fabric on my GARAGE walls..
(yup! thats our garage!)
 it was adhered with liquid starch. and yes. 
i am too cheap to buy the stuff. so i made it from 
just plain old corn starch and H2o.
here's the recipe:
1/4 C. corn starch 
1/2 C. cold water
Then pour in 4 C. boiling water 
then dip your entire panel in a sink full/or bucket 
wring out and throw on you wall.
i found it helpful to tac up the top-
then smoooooooth down and out.
ridiculously easy.
here is our pervious playroom+boys room..
i used SPRAY ADHESIVE on the burlap and 
started at the top and smoothed down. 
i also wanted a durable fabric to hide the wear+tear 
from these dirty little boys 
going up+down the stairs+slide.

Miss Bostyn's Pretty room!

My sister did it all on her own, even staple gunned the fabric to the walls! 

Paisley print fabric-Materialgirl
White oval vase-Home Goods rug-PBK
Necklace tree-Anthropologie


home made tamales.fried ice cream.white queso sauce/dip.fresh guac+salsa
mexican soda mmmmmm

mexican entertaining is pretty darn cheap-so why not do it right..

 good food.great company..fabulous fiesta
 blender salsa:
tomatoes.cilantro.garlic.yellow onion s+p
 tangy pork tamales:
apricot jam+jalepenos+red onion+cumin
 some scary faces..
 jumping frijole game..
 mr. oliver getting into my makeup..grrrr.

we're all quite mad here.. you'll fit right in.

**a VeRy MARY uNbiRThdAy**

 sparkly tophats.grass placemats.spotted mushrooms..whimsical flowers.ticking mini clocks.
 skeleton keys.lots.ruffle garland.face cards..queen of hearts garland.bunnies.9of them!croquet set.

lady of the hour. miss mary OH quite contrary.

i recycled this party and threw a babyshower for my sister..
TOO fun to celebrate once..

mismatched pillows+chairs.random cards.

click to see MENU::
everything was so yum. we all assembled together in the kitchen and probably ate around 10 :)
 ready for a few details??
 mini top hats! made by miss heidi of truebirds:)
i had everyone jot down 
** something absolutely absurd about miss MARY** 
a game of croquet with the bunnies..
played a game of shadowpuppets i got from miss jordan ferney-from OHHAPPYDAY..


orange cranberry scones.chocolate flourless mini tortes.cookies+more cookies..banana cakes.homemade maccaronsYUM.carrot+caramelized ginger whoopie pies+tea!
recycled banners from sissys circus shower!
mary made these out of packing paper+water+starch
..brainstorming sketch..
miss headband heidi
.right click to download.
did i mention i rounded up 9bunnies for the party? they were probably my favorite part.

a very mary unbirthday to who??..TO ME?
all the amazing pics were done by jason maughan.find him here:

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