Now..whatever you do.. dont forget the balsamic reduction
(not to be confused with chocolate syrup :)
and arugala salad a la mode
(that means on top ;)
arugala.lemon zest+juice.parmesan shavings.s+p.
thinnnnn ren onions.lite olive oil
this is about to get real.. no fancy photography.. just you+me+the iphone5

"green pizza" fresh pesto (no.there is no other way)
top with buffalo mozzarella+tomatoes 
cook then top with basil+the reduction
aren't these cute? oli+beckham made  their own for valentines day.. 
as you can see Oli's pepperonies didn't make it too far.
we like to cook these on the backs of cookie sheets..
as hot as your oven will go.. in our case 500.
if you only broil them on high.. 
you'll get beautiful tops but soggy soft bottoms..
here's a link to my fav fav dough recipe.. 
ps i only have it rise for the first 30min..then 
another 30 then top and cook till done! (watch em! they'e quick.)

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