Here are a few ways to dress up those walls:
My sister Courtney Belcher STAPLE GUNNED fabric to her cute nursery
 Just matched up the prints and carefully folded back the frayed edge

Courtney couldn't help herself and did her girlfriends
nursery as well, she used liquid starch.
 Make sure you have a fresh+clean cut edge for the starch method. 
Can you believe it? i used fabric on my GARAGE walls..
(yup! thats our garage!)
 it was adhered with liquid starch. and yes. 
i am too cheap to buy the stuff. so i made it from 
just plain old corn starch and H2o.
here's the recipe:
1/4 C. corn starch 
1/2 C. cold water
Then pour in 4 C. boiling water 
then dip your entire panel in a sink full/or bucket 
wring out and throw on you wall.
i found it helpful to tac up the top-
then smoooooooth down and out.
ridiculously easy.
here is our pervious playroom+boys room..
i used SPRAY ADHESIVE on the burlap and 
started at the top and smoothed down. 
i also wanted a durable fabric to hide the wear+tear 
from these dirty little boys 
going up+down the stairs+slide.

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