we're all quite mad here.. you'll fit right in.

**a VeRy MARY uNbiRThdAy**

 sparkly hats..mini tophats.grass placemats.spotted mushrooms..whimsical flowers.ticking mini clocks.
 skeleton keys.lots.ruffle garland.face cards..queen of hearts garland.bunnies.9of them!croquet set.

lady of the hour. miss mary OH quite contrary.

i recycled this party and threw a babyshower for my sister..
TOO fun to celebrate once..

mismatched pillows+chairs.random china.radishes.place cards.

click to see MENU::
everything was so yum. we all assembled together in the kitchen and probably ate around 10 :)
 ready for a few details??
 mini top hats! made by miss heidi of truebirds:)
i had everyone jot down 
** something absolutely absurd about miss MARY** 
a game of croquet with the bunnies..
played a game of shadowpuppets i got from miss jordan ferney-from OHHAPPYDAY..


orange cranberry scones.chocolate flourless mini tortes.cookies+more cookies..banana cakes.homemade maccaronsYUM.carrot+caramelized ginger whoopie pies+tea!
recycled banners from sissys circus shower!
mary made these out of packing paper+water+starch
..brainstorming sketch..
miss mary.me.miss headband heidi
.right click to download.
did i mention i rounded up 9bunnies for the party? they were probably my favorite part.

a very mary unbirthday to who??..TO ME?
all the amazing pics were done by jason maughan.find him here:

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