valentines GOOD EATS.

we don't dare dine alone on v-day. too much good food
goin on in the kitchen..and going out for
overpriced Mignon is for the birds.

one year we paid about 3x the price for a set menu in some
swanky place in la jolla..and about died.not cause the $$
cause the food was THAT bad. now we vow to never do it again.
dinner parties.beach picnics.a little moulin rouge+tapas.
next year im thinking Chinese new year themed w/
homemade fortune cookies and spring rolls?sushi?..mmm

dinner party with our dear friends craig+mary.
craig whipped up this super rich+french steak au Poivre
we served along side..garlic rosemary potatoes.homemade rolls
{recipe here..}roasted green beans w/red onion+bacon+garlic business.
mary then finished off the night with her signature vanilla souffles!! brilliant.

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