Beef Bourguignon

new years resolution #1:: eat better.and blog about it.
i rarely cook with i bought the cheapest cut.didnt want to risk ruining a $$one..
they say beef bourguignon is a peasants supper:take the cheapest meat..
let it cook all day with left over garden finds and cheap wine..

this is the fanciest we've eaten in a while..ha!
so moist and RICH with flavor..the puree was ridiculous..
and all three of us LICKED our plates. really.

followed Ina's directions but changed a few things..
no leeks or bouillon cube
would rather make a reduction+real broth
ran out of burgundy..subbed out for..get ready..GRAPE JUICE!
(KEDEM..$8 but goes on sale for like a $1 during kosher time.)
didn't do the dutch oven this go around..with the packing gear.

get the recipe here..
don't forget to thank me.
for cooking again.

Beef Bourguignon:: english translation:
beef bor-gee-ñahn..with a silent n.

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