its the..MOST..wONdeRFUL time ...of the year...!!

some decor..
i rescued these musty old pages from an old book..
what to do with all those empty IZZE bottles..
my madre said this little cat was the same one she grew up with in the 60s..!
dont worry ma..this was only freshly brewed{root}BEER

the doughnut game:
do it in couples..and instead of tying your hands..
just hug your partner..this was BEYOND hilarious!!
the pictures were too graphic to post.

here are some awesome costume ideas for next year..
garden gnomes..crayons..waldos!!

and the winners are...
most offensive: snookie
cutest: cindy loohoo
UHmazing:dead bride
best teamwork: waldos
i got some random trophys and covered
them with cool labels..

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