alright..alright.. i'll hand it over. got this recipe from a girlfriends grandma.
{so you know its gooood} definitley a crowd pleaser..
and for those with hubbies who cant take another chocolate dessert??
well... here it is..
find the recipe here..or under sucre..

this super moist cake is cooked at a really low temp of 275 for about 45ish minutes
(thats 2 rounds..) but about an hourish for a bundt.

i changed the frosting recipe up a bit.. i add a little almond extract
+in addition to the vanilla it asks for. it gives it the..
"what the heck is in this besides crack"
-extra bit.
if you don't have almond..my other go to secret ingredient..was hazelnut syrup.

there ya have it.

oh..and ps..happy birthday to my super sweet sister in law Rachel.

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