. . . remember?? last easter we made this yumminess..

carrots.golden raisins.carrot puree.toasted coconut.yum

what's easter w/o some carrot cake!normally..i'm not a fan of carrot cake.there are too many funky textures going on..and who knows what your really eating.so our friends made this cake one night from Cooking Light magazine. wow. super moist and stays fresh for days.
hey. i made it sunday and i'm still savoring each last piece.
well we doubled it the first time and put it in a bundt pan.because of the crust to cake ratio..i'd say do the bundt version. but the crunch of the outsides were still yummy.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

so.... i'll be making this again..but adding a
little amaretto extract to the frosting..
and using coconut flakes instead..
also a lime-citrus pound cake with berry compote..
and a chocolate mint-cake-creation...{not sure yet..}
any ideas are greatly appreciated!
hey. i have to do dessert for 30!
better be good.

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