..truffle party..

my girlfriend Katrina and i went to a chocolatier class @ Williams Sonoma..and learned a few tricks..

we all brought treats..and yummy ones too!! serious lava cakes from krista..E. GUITTARD chocolate covered berries from nikki..hazelnut whipped cream and a balsamic reduction glaze by Katrina and myself. mmmmMmm.ooo and don't forget my home-made macaroons! so perfectly chewy.{eat them the day you make em.}and SHIRLEY TEMPLES..of course.

to deliver: i made extra treats..home-made:meringue cookies.marshmallows.macaroons..and an assortment of truffles. kahlua.double chocolate+mint.hazelnut+turbinado sugar.naturally infused peanut butter.and a classic jimmy'+ fleur de sel.

packaging:red lining paper..target=$1 bin..light blue GAP grosgrain ribbon.red+white bakers twine.blue+white bakers twine{anyone know where i can find yellow?}and white containers from Pei Wei. hows that for thrifty?

mouthwatering huh. .the Cacao di Pernigotti-dutch processed cacao.not even bitter.{found @ willaims sonoma-15.00} want to see last years...? go here.. or for more..click on februrary..valentines.mounds of chocolate..and even more yummy desserts.

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