superbowl:serious fuss or frills

seriously..todd didn't want any fuss. "this is a man's party..only man food."
hey. i can still decorate the table right...? some of us were football players..and MOST were cheerleaders. i couldn't stop laughing when i was cutting them out. my favorite part: tilting the heads on the cheerleaders to make them look ditsy..i can't tell you how hilarious.

last year i got enough sod to make a runner..this year i thought..hey why not cover the whole table?its a guy party right?...keep it nice and casual.
{i used about 6 rows of sod..and 2 extra for the SUPERBOWL-SUNDAY bar..that a girlfriend brought.}
check out that kick-line!!those are some nice-lookin ladies..and those abs? ouch!
my girlfriend nikki matter..made the most amazing puh-puh CHICKEN WINGS! deep fried-asian/hawaiian soaked goodness. now how's that for man food?beck and i together probably ate half the better for breakfast...
now for the BEST part.MINI-BURGERS! some people call them sliders..i just call them heaven.
the HAWAIIAN:pineapple.teriyaki glaze.cheddar
the PEPPER:caramelized onions.pepperjack cheese.jalepanos
the WESTERN:bacon.avocado.cheddar.smokey BBQ

all patties were seasoned heavily with coarse sea salt and freshly ground tellicherry pepper {that's how bobby flay does you know its good} sandwiched between an assortment of king's hawaiian rolls. {next time i'll get the 24 pack @ costco for the same price. ugh!}

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