.a night of bliss. {for 20.}

 BYRON-im·pec·ca·ble-1.so [perfect or flawless] as to be beyond criticism. 2."she had impeccable taste."

1st course:
Black sesame cornets filled with smoked salmon tartare.whipped dill cream cheese & a tomato tartare with shallots.basil.creme fraiche.{byron had me prepare the tomato tartare..so fresh and yum!}
Yukon gold blinis with eggplant caviar{i helped make the caviar..}and sweet roasted red and yellow peppers

Spicy Artichoke Soup with handmade artichoke ravioli and Croatian cold pressed olive oil (byron bought this oil from an old lady selling it from her cart in the heart of Dubrovnik. She pressed the oil herself at her family's mill). It was dang good.+Kalmata Olive and Rosemary Bread
Roasted Kabocha {Japanese Pumpkin}Ravioli with butter glazed brussels sprouts with brown butter, sage and amaretti crumbs.
Cara Cara Orange Rolls (Chessa made these dessert-like rolls... They are ri.dic.u.lous!)
Tilapia cakes with sauteed tilapia, clam chowder-vegetables and parsely oil
Palette Cleanser:
Pomegranate Sorbet with a Kiwi Jus{bron+brit collaboration..}seriously.it was a perfect 10. 
Beef Tenderloin with Caramelized French Shallots on Crimini Mushrooms.Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes.Fresh Micro Greens{a new favorite find at Traders}

The "fromage" course...
Triple-Cream French Cows Milk Cheese "Le Delice de Bourgogne" with fresh Orange Blossom Honeycomb.Turkish Figs.Blackberries.Red D'Anjou Pears.taste of aged balsamic
Passion Fruit Pot de Creme.lighter than a creme brulee..but richer.simply amazing.

Petite Meyer Lemon Chesse Cakes with Fresh Blueberries
the menu..i should have stolen this and framed it in my kitchen for inspiration. it's going to be worth big bucks one day.byron is honestly so incredible.he puts us all to shame.well..anyone interested in attempting to learn how to cook like this..? he's starting to hold classes on the weekends..contact him here..or here.

i snuck out of a wedding..came early to prep things..and photograph the event.  i begged byron just to let me sit in the corner and watch his madness..but i got there & he put me to work!!
what a dream huh!?to see more..click here.

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