Salon Grand Opening Soirée..{white party}

i also sew'd on a ticket for a free deep conditioning treatment.
{attached with brown satin ribbon}..on the far left side
of the invite..and these were the labels for the
water bottles.its all in french!}some were brown and some white.


my first official client!!mr. porter belcher.i gave him a very stylish hawk
{actually..i'm not quite sure if this is a before or after picture. hmm..}
what's a spa party without SPA WATER!!??
mmmMinty water.COOL cucumber.lemon CITRUS
coconut cakes{a meal in itself}cocout macaroons{dipped in white chocolate and dots}meringue cookies.home-made hazelnut marshmallows{heaven. to say the least.}peanut butter crunch balls{dipped in white chocolate}german powder cookies{liar cookies-from traders}a table of white goodness.funny that i hate white chocolate..and still managed to eat 5 of everything.

i ended up lining my platters with left over wall paper from the salon.{also found on the invite..} it was a gray metallic and chocolate brown damask/paisley.wrapped the cakes in chocolate brown satin ribbon-i would recommend won't slip..and a collection of liners from gygi's in salt lake city.{heaven on earth.really.}cafe lighting.TUF-TEX balloons.all white& brown.collection of white random frames.

thanks to all that came!and for those who skipped out...

thanks for all your help court!!you were a lifesaver.
and thanks for flyin down for this!love you!
p.s.isn't she a babe!

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