..give me some fried chicken!..

buttermilk.lemon zest+juice.bbq sauce.yum
so..i know this isn't very exciting
..but it is todd's FAVORITE.
really.not joking.i'm serious.
but i have to say..it is pretty good.
a chef told me...if you want to enhance the flavor of any dish
{sweet or savory}
..and have already seasoned with salt..
to squeeze some citrus{acidity}over your dish.
wow! this was amazing. i started drenching all my
dishes in tangerine.blood orange.and even lime juice.
try it and get back to me.

ps. one more tip.
right when you remove these babies from
the hot oil and place on the {cooling} rack..
it's the best time to sprinkle with salt and pepper
..the remaining oil will soak up the seasoning and it won't roll off.

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