ultimate flourless cake.

chocolate nemesis.berries.whipped hazelnut cream.yum!
so i have been in love with the flourless torte from nordstroms for the past three years..going strong..and then what happens...mr. byron comes along..and introduces me to the chocolate nemesis!wow.it was amazing.you can't mess this one up. i overcooked it by a good 20 minutes..and it was still so gooey! i didn't realize the texture would be so pudding-like.
{so funny..i kept piercing it with a wooded skewer..and it continued to come out still runny. then it occured to me that it was a flourless cake. ah ha!} just remember to use the best chocolate you have. none of that hershey's stuff.deal?
{p.s. thanks ashley for donating this beautiful china.}

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