..simple cakes in a cup..

strawberry cheese cakes.peanut butter coffee.hazelnut chocolate mousse
72?what? i'm making and frosting 72? ahh. i was in charge of bringing the dessert for my church's enrichment night..it's held only 4 times a year..so why not go all out.. right? these strawberry ones were very light and refreshing next to these peanut buttery ones.
i over heard people saying..oooh the rich peanut butter ones...
..get one before they're gone..
yep.super rich. the frosting is almost like a
nutter-butter's but creamier.and the chocolate cake
is richened<-is that a word? by half a cup of freshly brewed
coffee. mmMmm.topped with coarsely chopped peanuts
..for texture and crunch!

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