..so whats in your salad..

can you tell that lately all i want are salads?? there was a time where i never made them..didn't know what went inside..on top..dressings..ahhh. too much stress. well now i cant get enough. my dear friend marilyn has been quite an inspiration. she started me off with making my own home-made raspberry vinaigrette..wow. from fresh raspberries..taking months and months to macerate. kind of like a red-wine vinegar but more sweet and a more 
tolerable tangy-ness.sometimes i'll cut my romaine in 1 '' slices..which leaves me with really pretty strips of lettuce
..a trick i learned from my mother in law sue..i'm sure she'd laugh about how i learned that from her..but i always just tore it. making for really awkward to eat pieces..
i've also learned from a few cooking classes..that when you chop your toppings like cucumbers.mango.strawberries.pineapple..to cut them in slivers/slices not chunks..they'll adhear to the leaves of lettuce..and won't fall to the bottom of the bowl..that way everyone will get the yummy toppings!!

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