home made:
madagascar vanilla bean
thinking of home made christmas gifts? this one takes about 2 months...so start now.split a vanilla bean down the center to release the gooey caviar+add enough fancy vodka or RUM to cover..ta dah!! now go make some! do your research..some vanilla beans are better and more flavorful then others..so dont just buy the cheap ones..mexican vanilla is not even invited to this party.{ps..this image is from day one..vanilla beans should stay completely submerged}shake once a week to release the fragrance +oils..it is fully extracted by month 6..this is when you can strain it..but i like to see the flecks and caviar chunks.
1.5 beans-1 cup vodka. running a little low? just top it off with a little more and add in an extra bean next time your whippin up some creme brûlée.
..i dropped these off for <3 day for my dearest valentines..

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