.she's havin a boy.
her 3rd little mr.

arent these toppers cute!? i didnt have cupcakes to top..
so we used em for the cinnamon rolls.
buy them here..or i'll show a how to soon..
no sewing!just hotglue!my new BFF.
::crafty time::

tira's cute mother in law made these templates and craft station..
all ready with heat+bond and even an ironing station
so we could make sweet onesies for the new little man.

Judys yummy swiss+ham strata
my maple espresso-ready in one hour-cinnamon rolls
Nordstroms Madeline coffee cake

..have some fresh tangerine juice..
or hand press them from the trees out back.
Emilys limey fruit cups were SO refreshing too.
sweet recipes here!

get these sweet ham+provolone croissants from KSANDWICHES.
random gem in SD.look em up.seriously so good.

i made this all blue+yellow garland with chunky pom poms.
im a sucker for pom poms.wish they were on everything.

how cute did these bow ties turn out!
clip em on your little mr. or put in your hair or on a scarf.
miss emily put these together!

..and the invite of course..
linen paper.chevron.cute numbers.turquoise.yellow.grey

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