a baby.... SPRINKLE!
everything sweet and mini.
just like kat.{hot mama huh!!?}

pumpkin-gingersnap cheesecakes

IZZZZn't Katrina lookin Fabulous!!!
IZZZZn't Katrina lookin hot!!
IZZZZn't she glowing!!

meringue cookies..french lemonberry galettes..coconut macaroons..
real peanut butter cups..caramel macchiato cupcakes..
chocolate mousse browie bites..citrus glazed cinnamon buns

we threw it @ katrina's home..so we could all view her adorable-land of nod worthy nursery
..and because its so beautiful and elegant.

RYDER's precious nursery.
doesn't this look like something right out of a magazine??
amazing amazing job kat!! we loved every detail.

don't forget your favor!
{we set these inside a clear umbrella}

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